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Expansion of the Zamio range with Midori

Gregory and Jacob Mislow, owners of the Homestead Florida based nursery Rose of Sharon, have started growing Zamioculcas Midori this season. The initial plant material is supplied by Zamio Specialties/Agriom. About 2 years ago the cooperation between the 2 companies lead to the introduction of the black Zamioculcas Supernova.

Zamioculcas Midori is a compact-growing, very bushy Zamioculcas. The plant has round, dark green leaves. Notable features are the sturdy stems—no sloppy stems for this plant.

Rose of Sharon is a large-scale producer of tropical plants. The area covers 200 acres (80 hectares) with various types of palms, Dracaena, Aglaonema, Ficus, Sansevieria and similar plants. By cultivating Zamioculcas Midori, Gregory and Jacob Mislow are expanding their product range and fortify their image as Tropicals supplier.

The Zamioculcas Midori is propagated at their own facility in Costa Rica, ensuring high quality starting material for quick development. The Midori plants are finished in several potsizes to cater for the different segments that their broad group of clients throughout the USA and Canada are supplying.

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